If you’re looking for an affordable NBN service, look no further. We at VirtualCity are an Exetel Authorised Reseller. By partnering with Exetel, we are able to provide a low-cost, high-quality internet connection with the support to match.

Fibre to the Premises / Node Plans

For more information, see the Critical Information Summary and Key Facts Sheet

Two ways to order

Order Online

You may place an order for an nbn service directly through Exetel’s website, which can be accessed with the button below.

During the order process, ensure that you enter our agent code (N434) in the “Did a friend or agent refer you?” field. Doing this ensures that we are able to see and provide support for your new nbn service.

Order In Store

You may place an order for an nbn service with us in-store. We can help you decide what plan to choose, and can handle the application process for you.

When you come in-store, please ensure you bring the following information along with you:

  • A valid driver’s licence, medicare card, or passport
  • Direct Deposit (BSB/Acc number) details, or a Visa/Mastercard Credit or Debit card
  • A copy of your current home phone bill (if you are bringing your existing home phone number across to a new VoIP service)

Things you need to know

Available subject to qualification
Plan inclusions, prices and promotional offers advertised may not be available at all addresses. The service qualification address check is only a preliminary result of plans and prices available in your area. Please note that the result may vary, together with plans, prices and promotions available at your address, as we process your order and connection.
How speed tiers work
A speed tier speed is the theoretical maximum speed of the access line connecting your premises to the nbn™. The actual speeds you experience, particularly during busy periods, may be limited by demand in other parts of the network and will typically be much slower. For more information, see about nbn™ speeds.
Typical Evening Speed explained
Typical Evening Speed is the average speed experienced by a representative group of users between the hours of 7pm and 11pm. It is not a guaranteed minimum speed and past performance is not an indication of expected future speed. The actual speed you will experience depends on many factors such as your access technology, the total demand on the network, local internet traffic and your physical line condition. For more information, see about nbn™ speeds.
About FTTN/B/C speeds
Not all FTTN, FTTB or FTTC access lines support speed tiers above nbn12. Exetel can’t confirm your maximum access line speed until after your service has been installed. Once your service is installed and activated, your maximum access line speed will be tested. If your line will not support your chosen speed tier, Exetel will inform you and to offer move you to a lower speed tier and refund any extra money you have paid for the higher speed tier.