Business VoIP Solutions

Advanced telephone features are no longer limited to large enterprises and government organisations. As a MyNetFone Channel Partner, and an Exetel Authorised Reseller, VirtualCity can now provide small to medium businesses with such features, while saving you money in the process.

With VoIP solutions often being up to 70% cheaper than a traditional phone systems, it’s no wonder that businesses around the world are making the switch.

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Some of our features


Call Transfers

Pass your call from one person to another, with the option of talking to the recipient before you complete the transfer


Voicemail to Email

Never worry about missing a call again – when someone leaves a voicemail, the message will be delivered right to your inbox


Hunt Groups

Assign your phones to ring in sequence – for example, a reception desk will ring, and if not answered, other phones can also ring


Conference Calling

Set up a conference call with up to two other participants, so everyone can have a say in the conversation


Auto Attendants (IVR)

Direct calls to the right place with interactive menus (eg, “Press 1 for Accounts, or press 2 for Sales”)


Speed Dial

Add shortcut buttons to quickly dial another staff member, or a phone number that you dial often


Line Monitoring

See at a glance when another person is in a call


Time of Day Routing

Automatically divert to voicemail when it’s out of business hours, have custom messages on weekends, and much more


Bring Your Number

No need to worry about changing your phone number – you can bring your existing number across with minimal downtime

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